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Since 1913 the name of Heinrich Koehler has stood for outstanding auctions in the philatelic world. Such a reputation cannot simply be acquired or assumed; every day it encourages and demands new achievements. At Heinrich Koehler we are aware of this long tradition, and we gladly accept the challenge of its continuance. Not only this — it has become an integral part of our business culture.


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The 358th Heinrich Köhler Auction

from 23 to 27 September 2014

The unique collection of Klaus Rühl - “Germany - Samples without value from 1755”
The John Simon Collection „German States” - undisturbed for 30 years!
The collections of Harry von Hofmann - “Russia – Registered Mail to 1918”
and “Russian Postal History” with “Russian Post Offices in China”
Special collection of “Deutsches Reich” inflation
Togo under British and French occupation during the First World War
The “Theodor” Collection
- International air routes, with emphasis on SCADTA
- Classical ship mail, especially the Baltic area
- Field Post in the First and Second World Wars with emphasis on ship mail

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John Simon Collection
Two collections

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Read what consignors think about Heinrich Köhler: We always are amazed how our customers, consignors and collectors feel when they think about their treatment by Heinrich Köhler. How we manage their consignments and especially the top results in our auctions. Particularly in the recent years we had the pleasure of auctioning great collections - just think at Fritz Kirchner, Walter Hussnätter or Earl K. Holl. We were pleased to receive a feedback of these collectors and customers - please convince yourself of Heinrich Köhler by reading these letters.

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