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Los 36

1874, Entire letter sent unpaid from Énos (Enez, Thrace, Turkey) to Genova, Italy struck with exceptional impression of the pearled ÉNOS / TURQUIE despatch datestamp (May 8) in blue. ‘Les Dardanelles / Turquie’ transit cds at right in black (May 21) and large ‘90 LEP’ handstruck due marking in black. Reverse with further strike of ‘Les Daranelles’ datestamp, Messina cds (June 3), Naples cds (June 4) and Genova arrival, where taxed with Italian 1870 Postage Due 30 c. and 60 c. tied by ‘Genova’ cds’s (June 6). Minor imperfections of no significance - a magnificent and extremely rare entire – unique. Signed Calves.
Provenance: Collection 'Cihangir' (Corinphila sale 121, Zurich, 1 May 2000, lot 2843)