Los-Nr. 5647

366. Auktion März 2018




Ausruf4.000 €
Zuschlag4.000 €
THRACE: Lagos 1871: "V.R. Poste Egiziane LAGOS 8.Lug.1871" cds tying a 1 piastra 1867 (second issue) on cover only of a letter, written at Yenice (nowadays Genisea, receiver's note with "Yenidjé 26.June.1871" old style), sent to "V.R. Poste Egiziane CONSTANTINOPOLI 10.Lug.1871". Boxed "Affrancatura Insufficente" with manuscript "3" (in pencil). Three covers recorded (possibly this being the unique cover with postage due). Sorani signature next to the stamp, very desirable