Los-Nr. 41

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities




Ausruf1.000 €

1853, 9 kreuzer light green, type I, enormous margins at left and top, slightly touched resp. cut into at the other sides, tied by cogwheel "250" to registered lettersheet with adjacent "OETTINGEN 30/9" (1853) to Lausanne, Switzerland. The cover was fully paid with 21 kreuzer, due to regulations at this time only the inland postage of 9 kreuzer was to be expressed in postage stamps, the Swiss share of 6 kreuzer paid in cash and noted on reverse, the registration fee of another 6 kreuzer paid in cash and settled via postal receipt. A rare and attractive letter, just one further registered letter of this type to Switzerland has been recorded. Certificate M. Brettl BPP (1998)