Los-Nr. 545

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1852, Entire letter docketed on front "Basse pointe 25 Juillet 1852", franked with Ceres 10 centimes bistre and 25 centimes blue, mailed from "ST. PIERRE (MARTINIQUE...)" and addressed to France, endorsed "Voie de Commerce". The stamps according to regulation cancelled at arrival with losange "PC2" of the railway Calais-Paris with adjacent date stamp of August 18, 1852. Although the letter was correctly franked for transportation with French commercial ship, the letter was taxed and boxed "Affranchisement insuffisante" applied. The stamps with minimal creasing at top. A very fine and most attractive letter of great rarity. Signed Calves and Scheller with his certificate (2018) This letter originates from the experimental period between October 1851 and December 1853 in which the French government supplied four of it's colonies with French stamps. There were just 2 rates existing: 35 centimes for transportation by French commercial ships and 1,50 francs for transportation by English ships. For this reason only stamps of denomination 10 centimes, 25 centimes and 1 franc were delivered to these colonies.