Los-Nr. 79

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities



Katalog-Nr.7, 12+15a

Ausruf2.000 €

1858/72, Coat of Arms 5 öre green and 50 öre carmine-rose, 2 values each, together with Lion 17 öre violet, all in nice fresh colour and mostly well perforated (few short perfs), used on triple rate entire letter from Stockholm (AUG 17, 1869) to La Rochelle, France with frontside clear blue "SUEDE-ERQUELINES 2o". The cover is overfranked by 1 öre, which seems to be of minor importance for this most attractive combination, which is therefor the only such recorded to France. Certificate H. Obermüller Wilén (1992) (Facit 7b2, 12f2, 15b2)