Los-Nr. 80

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities



Katalog-Nr.10, 15

Ausruf2.000 €
Zuschlag2.000 €

1858/72, Coat of Arms, 24 öre reddish-orange (nicely centered) with 1866/72, Lion 17 öre lilac, both in nice fresh colour and with good perforation, used on lettersheet from Stockholm (29.6.1869) via Germany to Livorno, Italy. On reverse transit marks "STRALSUND-BERLIN" and "FIRENZE 4 LUG 69", as well as arrival mark. A fine and very rare combination. Certificate Dr. Helena Obermüller Wilén (2004) (Facit 10h2, 15d2)