STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities

1. Juni 2019 in Stockholm




Ausruf1.800 €
Zuschlag3.400 €

1867 & 1868, Covers (2) each from Lisbon to the Consul General of Portugal in Constantinople, Turkey, both covers carried at 230 reis rate; the earlier cover endorsed ‘Por El Rey’ at top, with imperforate 1866 10 r. yellow and 100 r. lilac, both with large margins all round, used in combination with perf. 12½ 1867 120 r. blue; tied by dotted «1» numerals with Lisbon despatch cds (Dec 16) and reverse showing Bordeaux transit (Dec 20) and French P.O. in Constantinople arrival (Dec 29). The 1868 matching cover franked by imperforate 1867 100 r. lilac with huge margins for this issue, scissor cut at top in margin only and perf. 1867 10 r. orange-yellow and 120 r. blue similarly tied by numeral ‘1’ with Lisbon despatch cds (April 30) in black. Reverse with French P.O. in Constaninople arrival (May 16). Minor file folds of no significance, a charming and extremely rare pair of three colour – mixed issue frankings to a most unusual destination.