STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities

1. Juni 2019 in Stockholm
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Katalog-Nr.21+ Natal 13, 53

Ausruf2.000 €
Zuschlag2.400 €

1888 (July 17), Cover from Vryheid, franked with 1896/87, 2 d. violet on granite paper without arms, tied by clear oval violet date stamp and additionally by violet sender's cachet of J. Doiven, the Postmaster General, addressed to his father in Holland. The cover was mailed via Natal with additional franking of 1863, 6 pence violet and 1886, TWO PENCE on 3 pence green, tied by Natal cds.; adjacent "T" and "5 d". In Holland charged for the remaining postage. On reverse transit marks of Helpmekaar, Natal GPO and London as well as arrival mark (AUG 22), some faults as to be expected. A fine and rare cover, mailed just 3 days before the end of the New Republic. Certificate BPA (2000) (SG 27 + Natal 24, 105)
Provenance: Illustrated on title page of Dr. G. H. Jonkers 'De Nieuwe Republiek 1884-1888'