STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities

1. Juni 2019 in Stockholm



Ausruf2.500 €

1833, "STADTPOST / QUITTUNG / FÜR / BERLIN    SILBERGROSCHEN", embossed white label in irregular block of 4, accompanied by a dated lettersheet with date stamp "BERLIN 8 5", showing on reverse large red wax seal of the Prussian 'Hofpostamt', and addressed to the Imperial Austrian first postal administrator Maximilian von Ottenfeld. These stamps have been a mystery since their discovery in the 1960s. Most likely these are specimen for a new design of the Berlin city post receipt labels which had been issued in the 1820s and had been send on demand of the Austrian Postal authorities to Vienna. To-date no further copies have been recorded.
Reference: "Menschen, Marken und Marotten" by Wolfgang Jakubek, 1999, page 23




Katalog-Nr.16, 18

Ausruf7.500 €
Zuschlag10.000 €

1861, Eagle issue 1 silbergroschen rose and 3 silbergroschen ocre, used on entire letter from Lübeck to Münster am Stein in Prussia, tied by Lübeck city post bar-cancel with adjacent large size double circle "LUEBECK 1 9". Next to the franking manuscript notation "The stamps are still valid, by mistake cancelled in Lübeck / Lübeck d. 1 Aug. 63 city post office (signature)". The postage paid by the sender was noted as "4" Lübeck schilling in blue crayon (the actual amount franked in Prussian stamps was slightly more than that). On reverse transit mark of Hamburg (AUG 1), railroad mark "BERLIN/HAMBURG" and distribution mark of Münster am Stein. A rare and hightly interesting use of Prussian stamps on foreign soil, accepted by both the Lübeck and Prussian postal authorities, which is known in numerous cases when postage stamps of the state of destination within the German postal union was used. A remarkable letter in fine quality (paper partly weak in the folds only). Signed W. Brandes, Dr. Werner and Jakubek