STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities

1. Juni 2019 in Stockholm



Ausruf5.000 €
Zuschlag5.000 €
"KONSTANTINHAFEN 12/3 90", 2 clear strikes on cover to the headoffice of the New Guinea Company in Berlin, franked with 2 copies 1880/89, 10 pfennig red with an additional clear strike repeated on reverse of the cover, used as kind of seal. On reverse also transit marks of Soerabaja (MAR 31) and Weltevreden (APR 4) and Berlin arrival mark (MAY 1). Usual slight transportation marks, cover opened at 2 sides. Covers from Konstantinhafen with the pfennig-issue are among the rarest appearances of German colonies. Certificate Dr. F.F. Steuer BPP (1994)



Ausruf2.000 €

"FINSCHHAFEN 28 6 89" on vertical pair 1880/89, 20 pfennig ultramarine, used on registered envelope with superb strike repeated at left, adressed to a curator at the Ethnological Museum of Leiden, Netherlands with arrival mark (AUG 23). The family name in the address crossed out, usual minimal transportation resp. age marks. Altogether a fine and fresh entire. Registered mail from Finschhafen during this early period is extremely scarce, especially to destinations outside Germany. Certificate R.F. Steuer BPP (1995)