STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities

1. Juni 2019 in Stockholm




Ausruf1.000 €
Zuschlag1.500 €

1851 (MAY 1), Entire unpaid letter from Bandoeng to Copenhagen carried via Singapore, Aden and Suez, here charged with "2/-", further via Marseille and Hamburg where it was charged with "41" schilling Hamburg currency (equal to131 Danish skilling). The letter was transferred to the Danish PO at Hamburg, which applied blue boxed "Aus dem Post-Verein" on front. In Copenhagen a total of 157 skilling were charged to the recipient. An interesting letter and the only recorded with the rare boxed "Aus dem Post-Verein" from the Dutch East Indies. Certificate Van der Linden BPP (1999)