STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities

1. Juni 2019 in Stockholm


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Ausruf70.000 €

1865/76, 'Dulos', the outstanding FIP World Exhibition Gold Medal collection mounted on 134 exhibition pages (8 frames + 6 extra pages) with a large number of stamps, letters, essays, proofs, 'specimen' and varieties including several largest multiples and other unique items, several frankings from 'lost territories' and some combination covers including combination frankings with Greek postage due, France, Great Britain, Egypt and Russia. Some of the highlights are 1865, 1 piaster error of colour, 2 copies on entire (ex Yardley and Platinga), 1865, 25 piaster stamp within a 49 piaster colour franking on cover and 2 copies of unissued 1865 postage due 10 para (including one with plate flaw), 1869, 10 para in unused block of 40, etc., etc.The quality of the material is in general far above average. A marvellous and outstanding collection