364th Heinrich Köhler Auction

Ottoman Empire – Incl. the Dr. Esmer Collection (Part I)

German Reich Stamp Booklets and Combination Multiples - The Gerhard Korn Collection

Sweden – Postal History & Postage Due Mail – The Kersti & Bertil I. Larsson Collections (Part I)

Sudetenland – The Dr. Hugo Hörr Collection

Mail to the Far East – Postal Routes and Frankings from and via Europe pre UPU

Bavaria 1849-1875 – The Hilmar Kraus Collection (Part III)

Literature – Incl. the Charles Freeland and ‚Erivan‘ Collection

Zeppelin Mail Drops over Portuguese Territory – The Dr. Phil Parker Collection

German East Africa - Postal Connections in WWI - The Dr. Phil Parker Collection

Local post - The "Allgäu" Collection

Sweden – The 1889 10 öre Provisional Surcharge on the Official Stamps in Large Size

The Postal History of Early Bolshevik Russia