368. Auction

26-30 March 2019 in Wiesbaden

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Catalogue no.Z19

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1879, GB 1 d. rose-red tied by Dublex "GIBRALTAR B OC.31/A26" to letter sheet to Madrid with arrival mark, fine
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Catalogue no.905-8 proof

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2000, CEPT 30 p.-54 p., all 4 values withouth royal hypher, each in imperforated miniature sheet of 10 stamps, fixed at top on presentation sheets of Cartor security printers, stamps all unmounted mint
Lot no.4163


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Catalogue no.

Opening300 €
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1886/1987, postfrische, ungebrauchte und gestempelte Sammlung, teils in beiden Erhaltungen gesammelt, dazu Briefe, Karten und Ganzsachen