368. Auction

26-30 March 2019 in Wiesbaden

Lot no.319


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Catalogue no.141-43U

Opening400 €
Sold for450 €
1921, Dante Alighieri 15-40c. imperforated, complete set in sheets of 50, fresh colours and mint never hinged, the top margin cut ireegulary affecting two 40c. stamps, unusaul natural gumwrinkles and bends, light vertical fold each, otherwise fine and attractive, signed Raybudi in the sheet margin with certificate (Sassone 7500,- für gestempelt)
Lot no.320



Catalogue no.161-64U

Opening90 €
Sold for72 €
1923, Propaganda fide 20 c.-1l., imperforated, unmounted mint (Sassone 131-34b)
Lot no.324


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Catalogue no.

Opening400 €
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MILITARY POST: 1943 cpl. miniature sheet of 6 stamps (in ultramarine) "franchigia militare", unused without gum as issues, certificate Enzo Diena (1991)