369 / STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities

June 1'st 2019 in Stockholm
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1958/67, 'Flora' issues, 6 archive pages of Courvoisier S.A. with progressive proofs (4 or 5 each) of 17 values including unissued 1958, 17 aur in 4 different colours, unissued 1961, 1,50 kronor value and from the same year a stamp without denomination in design of 3,50 kronor stamp and 1967, 2,50 kronor stamp in unissued colour. A unique ensemble

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Catalogue no.12A, P2

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1882/98, 3 aurar brownish orange, 4th printing 1891, perf. 14:13½, used on postal stationery card 8 aurar violet, tied by cds. "AKUREYRI 5/6" (1892) and adressed to Shanghai, China, with Hongkong arrival mark (September 20, 1892) and short greetings text. A very fine and rare card to abroad with most unusual destination. According to certificate of C.A. Møller BPP (2018) just one further card to China has been recorded (from the same correspondance).