369 / STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities

June 1'st 2019 in Stockholm
Lot no.73



Catalogue no.2

Opening5.000 €
Sold for6.500 €

1858, Bull's head 54 parale blue on bluish green horizontally laid paper, a magnificent appearing huge margined used example on piece, neatly cancelled by circular "JASSY / MOLDOVA" datestamps (18/8) transposed in blue; exceptional and rare stamp. Signed Kohl, certificates Hunziker (1967) and Heimbüchler BPP (2009)

Lot no.74



Catalogue no.7ax

Opening10.000 €
Sold for24.000 €

1858, Second issue 80 parale bright red on blued paper, a magnificent horizontal pair with enormous margins all round, used on 1861 quadruple rate cover to Jassy, tied by fine strikes of framed FRANCO / TEKOUTCI handstamps (Kiriac fig. 320) in blue with corresponding "Tekutsch / Moldova" datestamp (12/8) alongside (Kiriac fig. 283). An extraordinary cover, a pair being the largest known used multiple of the 80 pa. on blued paper recorded. A delightful and rare cover, just four recorded on letter, this being probably the finest. Illustrated in Handbook I on page 173, Handbook III on page 134 and Edition D'Or vol XII on page 87. Certificate Heimbüchler (2010).

Lot no.75



Catalogue no.3II+ Hung. 17aA

Opening20.000 €

Double rate cover to Vienna, franked with Hungary 1874, 5 kreuzer rose-red, 2 copies, tied by clear "BAZIAS 22/9 78" with combination franking D.D.S.G. 1866/78, 10 kreuzer green, type II, in vertical pair with clear blue oval marking "AGENTIE D.D.S.G. SISTOV"; Vienna arrival mark (SEP. 23). The cover was transported by DDSG from Sistov to Bazias (today Romania), from where it was transported by the Hungarian mail on the oldest railway line on romanian ground. The DDSG stamps with small faults, the envelope with some age wear at right. A very attractive and extremely rare cover; only few combination frankings between DDSG and Hungary are recorded, as 2nd rate cover it is unique. Detailed certificate Prof. Ferchenbauer VÖB (2010)
Provenance: J.P. Steinder, Chicago (illustrated in Tchilinghirian p. 522), Emil Capellaro