Simultaneous auctions, special catalogues and sensational philatelic material - a look at the 364th Heinrich Köhler auction from 20 to 25 March 2017

Again in 2017, the last week of March is an important time for the firm of Heinrich Köhler, as the spring auction will take place from 20 to 25 March in Wiesbaden. Collectors await with much suspense the fabulous offerings of worldwide philatelic and postal history material, with which the traditional house even surpasses itself. Seven special catalogues (!), also a main catalogue with many special sections, will present a fine and varied selection of high-quality stamps, rare covers and exciting collections. No-one in the house of Heinrich Köhler can say offhand what the end result will be: what in any case is certain is that it is a truly unique offer of material - with more highlights than one can describe in a “short” overview!

Online Catalogue

Mail to the Far East: postal routes and postage rates to the Far East from and via Europe before the UPU

As was announced last year, many collectors share the excitement of anticipating the sale of the “Mail to the Far East” collection, which documents in an impressive manner the routes and transit times taken by letters en route to the Far East during the period before the UPU. A very interesting collection, which takes the observer on a (philatelic) journey from the beginnings of correspondence to the Far East in the mid-18th century to the early 20th century. The mail was carried to its destination via a wide range of sea and overland routes from Europe, America and Africa to Asia, by rail, on horseback, camel and even on foot. In addition to the different places and methods of transport, of course the fees and postage rates payable are documented by this exceptional collection, the sale of which is awaited eagerly by postal history enthusiasts from all over the world. The outstanding offerings include about 200 covers which will be sold on 25 March 2017 in Wiesbaden and also in Hong Kong in a simultaneous auction by the John Bull auction house of Hong Kong.

“Sweden Postal History & Postage Due - the Kersti & Bertil I. Larsson collection” (Part I)

Another highlight of the auction is the sale of the “Sweden Postal History & Postage Due” collections of the famous married couple Kersti and Bertil I. Larsson FRPSL of Sweden. Known to the philatelic world as passionate postal historians, the Larssons have, through years of research and with impressive knowledge, especially in the area of postage rates within, from and to Sweden, put together the finest collections of early Swedish postal history and postage due. Many valuable items of the highest rarity, true jewels of Swedish philately and postal history, can be found in the Larsson collections, as is impressively demonstrated in the relevant special catalogue. On 21 March 2017 the material will be offered to the interested public in a simultaneous auction in Wiesbaden and also at the same time in Stockholm.

Bavaria 1849-1875 - the Hilmar Kraus collection (Part III)

After the great success of the first two parts of the “Bavaria 1849-1875” collection of Hilmar Kraus, Bavaria collectors may look forward to some more selected “treats” from this popular collecting area. The third part of this great collection, presented in another special catalogue, includes many more items that Kraus collected, always with an eye for what is special, including beautiful stamps and covers, multiples and blocks on cover, rare postmarks, interesting frankings, rare destinations and much more. In this third part of the collection, homeland collectors especially come into their own.

Collections and special catalogues to amaze: specialised collections, literature and kiloware!

The other material on offer is also of great importance. The specialised collections of “Sudetenland - the Dr. Hugo Hörr collection” and “German Empire booklets and se-tenant stamps 1900-1921 - the Gerhard Korn collection”, also documented in special catalogues, are certainly outstanding. The same applies to the “Ottoman Empire” (Part 1) collection of Dr. Esmer, also the Prussian and Berlin postal history and the “Allgäu - Private Town Posts 1886-1900” collection. Sweden collectors, as well as the collection from the House of Larsson mentioned above, may also look forward to a specialised study “Sweden: Overprinted Issues 1889 – the Sjörgen Collection".

Single lots and collections from all over the world in abundance are included in the “Norris” collections as well as the so-called “Treasure of Lake Constance”. This latter has already caused a stir in advance, as such a stock of 50-, 60- and 70-year-old kiloware - and this unopened - is something you do not see every day. The unchecked (!) stock of the Hörr company (formerly COSMOPHIL) with kiloware from around the world promises to bring real treasures to light and to attract many treasure hunters, who want to take on this immense treasure trove.

 Last, but not least there is still the extraordinary literature material in this auction. Heinrich Köhler presents a literature auction truly “of the best”, which will especially send bibliophile collectors into raptures. Thanks to consignments from four well-known literature collectors, including such big names as Erivan Haub and especially Charles Freeland, a unique offering with an incredible range of material has become possible, including extremely rare monographs and handbooks, early journals and old auction catalogues and much more. A feast for lovers of literature that should not be missed.

The complete range of material in the 364th Heinrich Köhler auction is available from 15 February 2017, with detailed information and many illustrations at in the online catalogue (also in PDF form). Prospective customers will find everything under the heading "Online live bidding" and the proven online bidding system of Heinrich Köhler.

Consign now to our September Auction

Of course we are beginning immediately to accept deliveries of high-quality single lots and collections for our Autumn Auction, 26 - 30 September 2017. Our experts Tobias Huylmans and Michael Hilbertz look forward to your enquiries. We are accepting consignments until 15 July 2017.