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  • Ballon Monté - The 'Erivan' Collection
  • Sweden - Postal History & Postage Due Mail - The Kersti & Bertil I. Larsson Collections (Part II)
  • Germany from 1849 - The Dr. Ludwig Trippen Collection
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  • Bavaria - The "Pegnitz" Collection
  • Lübeck - Specialised Collection
  • Stamp booklets and se-tenants of the German Empire - The Rudolf van de Weyer Collection
  • Sudetenland - The ALGOVIUS Collection
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  • Ottoman Empire - The Dr. Esmer Collection (Part II)
  • Franco-German War / Ballon Monté - Specialised Collection
  • Country post in Schleswig-Holstein and Lauenburg - The Dr. Frank-Michael Wiegand Collection

26-30 September 2017

Consignment deadline July 15

Mail to the Far East: postal routes and postage rates to the Far East from and via Europe before the UPU

As was announced last year, many collectors share the excitement of anticipating the sale of the “Mail to the Far East” collection, which documents in an impressive manner the routes and transit times taken by letters en route to the Far East during the period before the UPU. A very interesting collection, which takes the observer on a (philatelic) journey from the beginnings of correspondence to the Far East in the mid-18th century to the early 20th century. The mail was carried to its destination via a wide range of sea and overland routes from Europe, America and Africa to Asia, by rail, on horseback, camel and even on foot. In addition to the different places and methods of transport, of course the fees and postage rates payable are documented by this exceptional collection, the sale of which is awaited eagerly by postal history enthusiasts from all over the world. The outstanding offerings include about 200 covers which will be sold on 25 March 2017 in Wiesbaden and also in Hong Kong in a simultaneous auction by the John Bull auction house of Hong Kong.