Autobidding Agent - free of charge

In order to use our "autobidding" service the following requirements need to be fulfilled
  • you need to be registered as a customer on our website
  • you need to be registered as a live bidder for the upcoming auction
  • your limit for the livebidding auction needs approval
As soon as these requirements are fulfilled you can browse through our online catalog and search for lots that interest you. If you found a lot you like, you can use the button "create autobid"
Once you clicked this button a new page or a new tab will open. At the top you will see three input fields. One with the current auction already selected, another one containing the lot number you just clicked on and to the right an input field for your bid.
Now you can enter your bid, this bid will not be send to us it will be encrypted and stored on the server. The bid will be executed as soon as the lot will be auctioned. In case you enter a bid which does not fit into our bidding steps the system will alert you and give you two choices for the next possible bidding steps. 

Once you decided on your bid for the lot the bid will be saved to the database. From now on you do not need to do anything anymore, the bid will be executed no matter where you are!
If the lot has not been opened you can still change or delete your bid.