Mrs. Kirchner-Gruhn on behalf of the community of heirs of Fritz Kirchner

February 3, 2011

Dear Mr. Michelson,

It is my great desire to write you this letter. I would explicitly like to thank you for having carried out the sale of the outstanding stamp collection of our father Fritz Kirchner in such an excellent way. It has been a pleasure working with you on this project and we very quickly felt that the collection was in the best hands. Your expertise and careful handling of the precious stamps was really impressive, but also the passion and joy with which you have worked on the collection. Right away I had great confidence in you and I must say that you have exceeded our highest expectations. 

It was very reassuring for us to know that the almost unmanageable collection was in such good hands. But also your very pleasant communication and interaction was greatly appreciated. From the beginning we were able to develop a very pleasant, professional relationship with you, much better than we could have hoped for. Your approach of a gradual commercialization was perfectly implemented and reflected clearly your globalized orientation, as for example one could observe during the exciting auctions. The presentation in the auction catalogues could not have been done better. In order to demonstrate the historical relevance of the material, the presentation in the catalogue was well enhanced with beautiful images and additional information. The graphic design and printing were absolutely professional. The very nice, festive, evening dinners were a great experience for us and they will stay in our memory, just like the exciting auctions. It was the  perfect setting for a unique stamp collection. We thank you very much, for allowing us to experience these wonderful moments with you. Too bad that everything is already over.

We would love to meet you again. When we are in the area, we would like to visit. It only can be described as a stroke of luck that our cooperation so beautifully succeeded.

Many and sincere thanks!!!
Kind regards


A. Kirchner-Gruhn

This letter was translated from German. Please find the original letter here.