New York 2016

The Global Philatelic Network Rarities Auction

H.R. Harmer in cooperation with Corinphila, Heinrich Köhler and John Bull

3 June 2016 | Javits Center | New York City, USA

Heinrich Köhler Auctions and the partners of the Global Philatelic Network are appointed official Auctioneers at the World Stamp Show in New York 2016. During the exhibition an important Rarities Auction will be held on 3 June 2016.

World Stamp Show NY 2016

May 28 - June 4, 2016
Jacob K. Javits Center
New York City

Preview: The 'Erivan' Collection

Selected United States and Confederate States Stamps and Postal History
Pony Express: Wells Fargo envelope 10c. from New York to Virginia City
Memphis, Tennessee: 5c. rose, horizontal pair used on patriotic cover
USA 1847: 5c. Franklin in combination with 1850/51 'Adams' City Express 2c. on cover to Saratoga County
Pony Express: $2 on westward cover
Nashville, Tennessee: 10c. on Adams Express cover
Swarts Local Post: outstanding multiple franking to Canada
Baton Rouge: the unique cover with 10c. blue, ex Caspary (1956)
Nashville, Tennessee: 5c. - one of 2 known tête-bêche blocks of 12, ex Caspary
Waterbury: 'Bridgeport Fireman' Fancy Cancel

Preview: Worldwide Stamps and Postal History

Hawaii: 2c. Numerals in both shades. The only existing cover with a 4-cent franking and the only entire known with both 2 cent of this issue.
Marion, Virginia: 1861, 10c. black on cover to Kingston, TN, most probably the finest example known on cover
Argentinia/Buenos Aires: Liberty Head block of 4 on cover
New Orleans: 1861, two single 2c. blue on cover to Burtonton, MS, including a unique example printed on both sides
Papal State: three-color-franking incl. 1 scudo on incoming mail cover to the United States
Papal State: 1859 incoming mail Sydney, Australia. First sent to London, there addressee changed and franked with an additional British postmark. Two covers of this corresspondence in the auction.
Spanish Philippines: 1854, 5c. mint corner block of four with all four different positions
Spanish Philippines: mint corner block of 4