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369 / STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities



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1862, Empire 40 c. orange, a used example on 1867 cover with imprinted ‘Messageries Impériales Services Maritimes’ on reverse, from Sinope, Turkey to Mothe St. Héraye, Deux Sevres, France tied by ‘5097’ gros chiffres with corresponding pearled SINOPE / TURQUIE D’ASIE cds alongside (Sept 9) in blue. Framed ‘PD’ at right and reverse with ‘Constantinople / Turquie’ transit cds (Sept 11), ‘Marseille a Lyon’ cds (Sept 17) and arrival. Extremely rare with just a handful of covers recorded from this Office. Certificate A. Roumet (2000). (Maury 23)