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1 pia. ultramarine, tied by cds. "FPO GM1 29 AP 18" to prepaid envelope with sender's mark from Rischon-le-Zion to Cairo with censor mark on front and arrival mark, fine and scarce (Bale 3)



Prepaid 1 Pia foreign letter at Rishon Le Tsiyon (Rabbi “Rev. I. M. Singer, Rischon-le-Zion” decorative return address handstamp on back) to Cairo.  “1 Pt” paid in manuscript, lower right.  Franked at Bir Salem on 29.4.18, tied by FPO GM 1 CDS, where also censored (Palestine Censorship No. 2 and Capital B handstamps).  (Bale 3 prepaid to Egypt, $1500).