Los-Nr. 6041

373. Auktion




Ausruf8.000 €
Zuschlag18.000 €

1847, Lady McLeod (5 cents) blue, fresh colour and close to large margins, without gum, a fine copy of the most iconic of all private ship letter stamps and also the first adhesive stamp issued in a British Colony, certificates PF (1957), A. Diena (1973) and Brandon (1996) Provenance: H. R. Harmer, 1957                     "The David Melat Collection of Postage Stamps of the World" (John W. Kaufmann Inc., 1985)                     "The Henry S. Schneider Collection of British America" (Robert A. Siegel, 1996)                     H. R. Harmer Inc., 2008                    M11 of the census of all existing unused 24 Lady McLeod stamps. There described as "An especially desirable sound unused example"