Los-Nr. 6168

373. Auktion



Katalog-Nr.2, Austria 32

Ausruf15.000 €
Zuschlag40.000 €

1866, Third Issue 10 kreuzer lilac in combination with Austria 1863/64 Coat of Arms 5 kreuzer rose, tied by oval, misspelled cancellation "AGENTIE-D.D.G.S-PIQUET" (Müller Nr. 7032a) resp. by cds. "ALT-ORSOVA" (9/7)" to folded lettersheet to Pest with arrival mark "PEST 14/7" on reverse. A magnificent and famous combination cover, and certainly one of the most attractive of the very few recorded, in our opinion one of the greatest rarities of DDSG and Rumania. Signed Ferchenbauer with certificate (2002)