Los-Nr. 6171

373. Auktion



Katalog-Nr.3I, Russia 19x, 21x

Ausruf1.500 €
Zuschlag2.000 €
1867, Fourth Issue 10 kreuzer green, Type I, in an emerald shade, in combination with Russia Coat of Arms  1865 3 kop. black & green and 10 kop. blue & brown, all tied by oval blue "D.D.S.G.-ODESSA-25/7" to piece with additional blue strike of Steamship handstamp "METTERNICH-19", sender's cachet on reverse flap. Despite some faults, a remarkable and very rare piece (Tchilinghirian states "no mixed frankings with Russia are known").  Provenance: The Emil Capellaro WIPA 2000 Court of Honour-Collection                      Illustrated in Ferchenbauer Vol IV, page 786.