Los-Nr. 6173

373. Auktion




Ausruf2.000 €
Zuschlag10.000 €
1867, Fourth Issue 10 kreuzer green, Type I, crossed by light file fold, tied by oval, misspelled cancellation "AGENTIE-D.D.G.S-PIQUET" (Müller Nr. 7032a) to folded lettersheet to Braila, with oval framed "AGENTIE-PIQUET-SALDIRT" and very fine blue strike of oval Steamship handstamp "ALBRECHT-1" alongside.  A famous and beautiful Exhibition item in very fine quality, signed Holcombe with certificate (1992) Provenance:  The Julius Steindler Collection "Shipping Companies stamps" (Robson Lowe 1972)                       Collection Antonini (Corinphila, sale 85, October 1992)                       depicted in S. Ringstrom and H.E. Tester "The Private Ship Letter Stamps of the World - Part 2" page 58                       depicted in E.F. HURT and DENWOOD N. KELLY  "The Danube Steam Navigation Company " page 55