Los-Nr. 6177

373. Auktion




Ausruf5.000 €
Zuschlag5.000 €
1870, Fifth Issue 10 kreuzer red,  the superb vertical pair with beautiful blue cds. "SISTOV-10/XII" on folded letter to Orsova, file fold runs beneath the pair with some minor ageing, small tear on top stamp, but this does not detract from the marvelous appearance of this rare multiple on a double rate entire which is probably the only recorded double rate cover, signed Ferchenbauer with certificate (2010) Provenance: The Julius Steindler Collection "Shipping Companies stamps" (Robson Lowe 1972)                     The Emil Capellaro WIPA 2000 Court of Honour-Collection (Corinphila, sale 166, lot 5480)                     ex Dr. Anton Jerger