Los-Nr. 6178

373. Auktion




Ausruf1.200 €
Zuschlag1.200 €
1870, Sixt Issue 10 kreuzer green, type II, tied by blue oval "AGENTIE / D.D.S.G. / SISTOV" to envelope to Vienna, taxed in transit with "T" marking and cds. "ORSOVA 4 /5 79" alongside, reverse with Vienna arrival mark and charged "10" kreuzer in blue crayon (as the DDSG stamps were not valid outside Bulgaria at this time), a magnificent and very attractive cover of great scarcity, signed Matl Provenance: The Julius Steindler Collection "Shipping Companies stamps" (Robson Lowe 1972)                      The Emil Capellaro WIPA 2000 Court of Honour-Collection (Corinphila, sale 163, lot 5712)