Los-Nr. 6172

373. Auktion




Ausruf2.500 €
Zuschlag18.000 €
1867, Fourth Issue 10 kreuzer green, Type I, tied by extremely scarce framed and dated Line number cancellation "6/VII-4.-Reise" to folded letter from Galatz to Braila, minor toned spots on stamp not distracting,  a very attractive entire showing one of the scarcest of all cancellations on these issues, actually intended for the cancellation of baggage control stamps, signed Ferchenbauer with certificate (2010) Provenance:  The Julius Steindler Collection "Shipping Companies stamps" (Robson Lowe 1972)                       The Emil Capellaro WIPA 2000 Court of Honour-Collection (Corinphila, sale 166, lot 5491)