Los-Nr. 495
Es fallen zusätzlich 7% Importspesen (nicht abzugsfähige Steuern) an, wenn die Käufer in der EU ansässig sind! Käufern außerhalb der EU werden diese Importspesen nicht berechnet, sofern der Export der Ware nachgewiesen werden kann.

373. Auktion




Ausruf3.000 €
Zuschlag13.000 €
Parcelstamps: 1943, not issued 0,50 on 2 l. green and 0,50 on 3 l. yellow with surcharge “R.F. 0,50 FEZZAN” and Parcel stamp 5 c. – 1 fr. with surcharge “R.F. I Fr. FEZZAN” (5 c., 1 l. and 5 l. as horizontal pairs) mounted on folded postal administration letter sheet, left sides with stamps, right sides showing small piece of lined paper showing denomination and printing runs, accumulating to a total of 940 stamps. Furthermore with ha witth handwritten notation " ", tied by cachet “R.F.POSTES FEZZAN” and cds. “R.F.SEBHA FEZZAN 17.JUIL.1943” to the letter sheet, tiny spots, imperfections, extremely rare and most likely unique item, signed Calves and A. Diena (Sassone17-18A,13-19)