Los-Nr. 456

368. Auktion



Katalog-Nr.13, Italy P8,11

Ausruf300 €
Zuschlag240 €

Lama 10c. red tied by barred "C38" of British P.O. at Callao to envelope to Genoa with three-line "PANAMA 29 MY 1874 TRANSIT" and scarce boxed "F.* 58" which was only applied to covers from South Pacific via Panama alongside, reverse with cds. "LIGNE A PAQ. FR.. No. 2 JUIN 74"., upon arrival taxed "14" decimes, thus postage due 40c. and 1l. applied and tied by cds., vertical fold through Peru adhesive, otherwise a very attractive and unusual combination of the Ligne A postmarked combined with "PANAMA TRANSIT"