371st Auction

24-28 September 2019 in Wiesbaden

Lot no.71


2 4

Catalogue no.2P

Opening1.200 €
Sold for960 €
Unissued 2 k. black and to the left separated by gutter 15 k. black, printed on front of a complete sheet of five 50 k. cinema tickets, inverted position of proofs: the text above the proofs ("Talon") is inverted, the back of the sheet shows advertisments for "Berliner Malzperle" and "Mutti Must", without gum, extremely rare as complete sheet, fine, sign. Nemvalz (Hurt/Ojaste G4)
Lot no.72



Catalogue no.152-55E

Opening200 €
Sold for200 €
1940, Caritas 10-50 s., larger sized essay block, without gum, small corner crease at upper left, otherwise fine
Lot no.73



Catalogue no.P26II

Opening700 €
Sold for700 €
1939, Coat of arms postal stationery card 18s. carmine with sender's address three dotted lines, used with machine cancel "TALLINN 22 XI 1940" and censor cachet alongside, some light corner creases, a very rare card used
Lot no.2379


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Catalogue no.2PUII

Opening1.000 €
Sold forUnsold

20 K. grün  im 100er-Bogen auf vorder- und rückseitig bedrucktem Druckbogen eines russischen Astronimiebuches, ungebraucht ohne Gummi, eine  waagerechte Faltung zwischen den Marken, rechts unten leicht knittrig, sonst tadellos, als solch große Einheit sehr selten