Lot no. 1044
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368. Auction



Catalogue no.3a

Opening500 €
Sold for1.900 €

5 m. on 1 pia., tied by cds. "FPO D.M.1 26 FE 18" to large piece of prepaid cover with adjacent "FPO D.M.1 / 25 FE 18", sent to Jaffa. An extremely rare use of this stamp (Bale 2)



5m on 1 Pia (Bale 2) on large piece of cover, to pay the internal letter rate.  The denomination of 5 milliemes paid the post card rate (internal/foreign) or a single rate internal letter.  This is the ONLY KNOWN EXAMPLE of internal letter rate use, and one of only three recorded internal PREPAID usages (FB)!  Prepaid at FPO DM 1 (ANZAC Mtd. Div. HQ) Jerusalem on 25.2.18, then franked 26.2.18 at Bir Salem, tied with FPO GM 1 postmark.