Los-Nr. 6160

373. Auktion




Ausruf2.500 €
Zuschlag8.500 €
1866, First Issue 17 kreuzer red, perf. 12, with small blue date cancellation "29/5" on folded letter, with adjacent, extremely rare blue steamship marking "PROPELLER SULINA-7", from Oltenitza to Galatz, on reverse with well struck arrival mark "GALATZ-31/V" in blue, an extraordinary beautiful and famous, very early entire, signed Ferchenbauer with certificate (2010) Provenance: Illustrated in Tchilinghiran on page 174                      Collection See (Corinphila, sale 62, May 1979)                      The Emil Capellaro WIPA 2000 Court of Honour-Collection (Corinphila, sale 166, lot 5485)